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Relocating to Tasman in 2017 was the realisation of a long time dream.  A visit to Mapua nearly 20 years ago ignited a spark that was to remain smoldering until the time was right to make the move to this beautiful part of New Zealand and launch the business that had been slowly taking shape.

SaY YeS Enterprises combines the skills of its partners, Suzie Brosnahan and Yvonne Huddleston.

Suzie is an experienced Beauty Therapist and a Celebrant while Yvonne is a trained Chef and IT Specialist.  

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Our business fulfills our dream to live by the sea and offer accommodation that is relaxed, comfortable and private with good services and warm hospitality. 

To help you relax on your holiday, our business incorporates Kina Beach Beauty, where you can enjoy a bit of relaxation therapy.


To complete the package, we can offer a celebrant service for your wedding or other special occasion.

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